Slickrock Labs fast-tracked our launch strategy, e-commerce solution, and mobile app feature development which is helping to get our product ready for customers sooner.

Layton, UT – XTAC Technologies, an innovator in combat simulation equipment, and Slickrock Labs, a full-service support to startups, are pleased to announce a new partnership streamlining the development of defensive firearms training accessories. The new joint venture strengthens XTAC’s capability to bring their products to consumers sooner and offer an enhanced experience for tactical training and friendly competition alike.  

To help get XTAC Technologies’ infrared laser airsoft gun attachment and accessories ready for market, Slickrock Labs founder and CEO Hector Knudsen has agreed to fill the role of chief technology officer and co-founder Jon Lee will serve as chief financial officer.  

“Slickrock Labs fast-tracked our launch strategy, e-commerce solution and mobile app feature development which is helping to get our product ready for customers sooner,” said Taun Stewart, CEO of XTAC Technologies. 

XTAC Technologies’ aim is to revolutionize the defensive firearms and tactical training industry with accessories that pair with any airsoft gun equipped with a Picatinny rail. Their products are currently in development and designed to safely enhance any simulated combat experience. With this new technology, confirmed hits from up to 1,000 yards away are possible without the cost and clean-up associated with plastic BBs. The accessories also pair with a new app that tracks achievements and engages others in the airsoft sport community.  

The new partnership model exemplifies Slickrock Labs’ goal of providing support in any areas a startup may be lacking. “This model allows our partners to focus on what they know and what is most important to them,” said Knudsen. 

XTAC Technologies is the developer of new technology offering TruSim force-on-force defensive firearms training equipment. Designed for special operations forces Veterans, airsoft and paintball players, gamers and recreational shooters, the XTAC products and app provides a fun and realistic action experience at any location. For more information on XTAC Technologies visit or email [email protected]. 

Slickrock Labs offers support to innovators and startups that are ready to develop and launch new ideas, products, and services. With many years of experience, their team can fill in gaps in a company’s talent or capabilities. With Slickrock Labs, start-ups have access to advanced technical support, website design and development, hardware and software development so they can focus on what is most important.  For more information on Slickrock Labs visit, call (801) 784-0598 or email [email protected].